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basic flow long sleeve t-shirt

basic flow long sleeve t-shirt

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Introducing the Basic Flow Long Sleeve Tee - Crafted from the finest blend of hemp and organic cotton, this long sleeve shirt offers a luxurious feel that is unmatched. The unique combination of materials results in a garment that is durable, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating to the skin. Not only is this shirt incredibly comfortable to wear, but it also becomes even softer with each wash, making it a true investment piece for your wardrobe.

Whether you're heading hiking in the great outdoors or dressing up for date night, the Basic Flow Long Sleeve Tee goes where you flow. 

The hem on this tee is a subtle shape and has a more subtle curve than the original Flow, without sacrificing its modern vibe. The Basic Flow is slightly shorter in length than the Flow by approx 1”.

All of our clothing is infused with the powerful and healing energy of a clear quartz crystal. Each crystal has been intentionally charged with love, joy, abundance, and more, amplifying your intentions and goals and sewn directly into the care and content labels. 


Read about our regenerative efforts here


Our clothing is made with the best natural fibers available which are good for both the person wearing them and for the planet. The fabric that we use for our t-shirts is 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, 3% spandex. We recognize that spandex is not a natural material but after testing the available options it gave us the best fit, feel and performance and 97% natural is a pretty good start!

Our hemp, organic cotton & spandex blend has several advantages:

Hemp is one of the most durable & strongest natural fibers on our beautiful planet. That must mean that it is rough on your sensitive skin right? On the contrary, hemp is hypoallergenic, non-irritating and wears in not out, getting softer as you wash and wear it.

Organic cotton is grown naturally without using toxic chemicals or genetically modified seeds. Organic cotton comes with an array of eco-conscious benefits without compromising quality, softness or durability.

Sounds too good to be true right? Actually it keeps getting better. Hemp clothing does not need to be washed as often as other fabrics because it is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal. Synthetic, petroleum based clothing (polyester) creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to create that all too familiar and unwelcome stink. Hemp clothing on the other hand does not allow for this smelly bacteria growth and can be worn multiple times before needing to be washed.

Additionally, hemp:
Offers UV protection
Is compostable
Is thermoregulating (keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool)
Is a high yield crop
Is fast growing
Regenerates the soil
Absorbs more CO2 than trees
Requires less water than other fibers

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Size Chart

Size (Chest in Inches)
S (36 - 38)
M (39 - 41)
L (42 - 44)
XL (45 - 47)
XXL (48 - 50)
How to Measure Chest Size:
Stand up straight, with your arms resting comfortably at your sides. Keep your arms and chest relaxed and neutral. Take a sewing tape measure and wrap it under your armpits at the widest part of your chest. The tape measure should be snug around your chest and shoulder blades but not so tight that it squeezes your chest.
The number in inches is your chest size.

Care Instructions

machine wash cold with like colours, hang dry

(shirts have been lovingly pre-washed and hung dried to account for any shrinkage)

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locally made in Canada

Experience the craftsmanship of Flow State Designs. Each shirt meticulously crafted by hand in Calgary, Canada, ensuring unparalleled quality and excellence.

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    We offer free shipping to North America on orders over $100.00. We ship directly from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.

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    We are committed to ensuring that every member of our community is fully satisfied with their purchase, and we promise to work swiftly to provide you with a replacement garment should any issues arise, so you can get back to enjoying the ultimate in comfort and style.

supporting local manufacturing

We are proud to have a manufacturing partner in Calgary Alberta which is a short drive from our Sylvan Lake office. Manufacturing locally has positive impacts - shorter distances mean less emissions. When we need to make a new sample, check in with our manufacturing partner or take delivery of our finished products, it is a short drive away. The benefits aren’t just about the environment, it's also about people.  Manufacturing locally ensures that the people sewing our products are paid a living wage and are doing so under safe working conditions. We visit our manufacturing partner regularly and are proud to support the local Alberta economy.

Our local communities thrive when we keep money flowing close to home. We use local suppliers and manufacturing keeping even more money in our community.

By keeping things local we reduce our shipping and supply chain expenses so we can keep our prices as low as possible.

Better customer service - every purchase, positive review and word of mouth really matters and we strive to do everything we can to deliver the best possible products and service!